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Art Direction | Identity Design


Sainee Raj 

Created and Produced by


Identity Design, Art Direction

and Merchandise Design 

Mihir Lele

Creative Producer

Vishal Dayama

Scope of Work

I was approached by Grow 91 to design the brand identity for an online merchandise store they were setting up, for Sainee Raj, a poet and content creator.

This identity would be developed as per the brief provided by the creator, independent of the grow 91 brand (they would be handling all logistics and production of the merchandise store but not getting into the creative aspect of the identity design). 

The identity would be used for all brand communications, including merchandise, packaging and social media marketing. 

Creator Brief

After careful deliberation, the creator chose the name, The Next Door Brand, for their merchandise brand. The Next-door brand is a property that associates itself with a feeling of premium yet comfortable, attainable and yet, aspirational. It is a brand that one can relate with, and yet has the ability to stand-out. 

The brand requires a visual identity that expresses the above in the best possible way.

Logo Design and Treatment 

To come up with a visual design for the brand, I first began by exploring various treatment options for the logotype of the show.

The aim was to arrive at a design aesthetic that everyone is happy with, which can then be adapted into all other design elements required for the brand.

The following ideas were explored to create a mix of the seemingly contrasting ideas from the brief (Click on the page below to go to full screen mode)

Route 01

Started off exploring simpler ideas - an element that ‘pops’ in an otherwise clean design

Route 02

Using the “Door” Element in “Nextdoor” (An extension of the same idea - an element that ‘pops’ in an otherwise clean design, but with a different approach.)

Route 03

The Cat Motif

A cat gives most a sense of a familiar experience. The animal also lends itself well to a neighbourhood setting, 

often used as a device to make someone feel at home, one that we’re going for when we say “the next door” brand.

Its a casual and familiar space, and if used well, can make a brand look premium.

Logo Shortlist

The creator selected the third route.

The final logo lockup along with its its usage were then presented.

A little tweaking of the above idea led to another new route.

Route 04

Clean text with a personality, used to give a tropical vibe.

Route 05

Happy, Free and Comfortable. 

When delved into further, the three keywords above gave a simple visual solution: A balloon.

A balloon gives a sense of comfort and happiness, and at the same time a sense of freedom.

The yellow color pops to make it stand out from clutter. 

Selected Route

Once the creator shortlisted the design, the logo was tweaked a bit and finalised, along with its usage and collateral adapts.

(Above) Some Key illustrations for the brand, encapsulating its general vibe. 

Logo Reveal Animation

A small logo formation was animated for the logo reveal of the brand on social media.

(Colors might differ from exact values due to YouTube compression)

The T-shirts I designed for this brand are showcased on this page, along with designs for other creators.

The T-shirt merchandise was in no way to follow the brand identity aesthetics, as that would dilute the messaging on the t-shirt. The t-shirts were designed to best compliment the line/quote selected on it.

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