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Art Direction | Illustrations


Grow 91/ Pratilipi 


Head- Marketing and Growth

Sayantan Pan

Creative Head 

Vishal Dayama

Design Head

Mihir Lele


Team Pratilipi via their Growth head, Sayantan Pan, approached me for an opportunity to design t-shirts for all the digital influencers on their roster.

The way this would work is, the creator/influencer would come up a couple of quotes that, according to them, would work well as merchandise for their audience.

It would be my job then, to visualise these quotes in a way that the artwork would look good on a t-shirt as well as compliment the messaging of the quote.

Once the visuals were finalised and green-lit by the creators and the creative head, the artworks would be handed over to the printing team at Grow 91, who would then print the t-shirts, make mock-ups and go live with them on their website-

This project gave me a good opportunity to work with different creators across the internet, with different processes, approaches, genres and sensibilities.


(Click on the image below to go to full screen mode)

Vishal Dayama

Dayama is a content creator known for his dark and nihilistic humour.

Sainee Raj

A spoken word poet, Raj deals with topics ranging from mental health and sanguinity to a general love for artists like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, etc.

Shakti Shetty

Shakti Shetty posts about nature, self belief and other generally positive observations. 

Kumar Varun

A stand-up comedian, KV is known for his wry humour and the famous quizzes that he hosts with other stand-up comics as contestants.

Devaiah Bopanna

Devaiah is a comedy writer and entrepreneur, who tweets about start-ups, crypto and Bangalore centric humour.

Nishant Tanwar 

A Delhi based comic, Nishant is known for his observational comedy and online streams.

Aanchal Agrawal

Agrawal is an Instagram comic and mostly delves into funny monologues about heart break, friend-zones and one sided love.

Vishal Dayama- II

After the success of the first series of t-shirts (above), we decided to launch a few more, in tune with his tone and humour. 

Sainee Raj- II

After the success of the first series of t-shirts (above), we decided to launch a few more.

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