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Logotype Design | Poster Design | Motion Graphics


Amazon Prime Video


OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Stand Up Comedian

Zakir Khan

Design and Animation

Mihir Lele



Zakir Khan' s "Kaksha Gyarvi", his second comedy special, is as the name suggests, about Khan's experiences from his school days- right from survival to bullying he shares every hysterical and amusing story from his book of memories. The visuals for the special were to be in line with this theme of the show.

The Logotype 

An existing font was taken and customised to fit the theme of the show. After going through different font options and designs for the logo, this particular one was chosen as it embodied the nature of the show the best.

A combnation of Latin and Devnagri scripts was suggested as the title of the show is a Hindi term meaning "Grade 11".

Hence the following options were explored-

Finalised Logotype

The last logo option was selected as is, as it perfectly visualised the theme of the show with its textures and overall treatment. 


Key Art

Once the basic theme of grungy, peeled-off walls was decided upon as the treatment for the visuals of the show, the same idea was extended to the poster treatment.  The artists was photographed with elements reminiscent of ones school-time.

Vertical Boxart.jpg

Title Animation

A bold draw-in animation was designed for the show opening, to simply highlight the name of the show and artist. The stark white text against a black background that would eventually open into the show, made for a very impactful opening for such an impactful artist.

Watch the special on Amazon Prime Video.

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