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Art Direction | Digital Painting | Layout Design



Some wedding creatives I designed for my childhood friend Atmeek Sohni who got married to his childhood sweetheart on the 15th and 16th of February, 2021, at Raas, Devigarh in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Save the Date Invite

The brief for the creatives was to make watercolor inspired illustrations for all creatives.

For the save the date creative, the couple wanted a clean minimal invite with a painting of the venue- an 18th century fort. I digitally painted the fort in Adobe Photoshop with THIS picture as a reference.


Early Renditions of the Logo

For the logo, we tried a simple A+T (Atmeek and Tanvi) letter combination at first, but then realised the scope for using the '@' sign creatively.
I added another layer of information on the logo- a diamond at the top that would make the circle around the letters seem like a ring, making the whole logo come together to serve its purpose- that of a wedding logo. However, the couple preferred a cleaner rendition of the logo- one without a diamond and so we went ahead with that one.
logo 2.png

Finalised Logo 


(Above) Logo adapts at the wedding



Before the main wedding invite was sent out, another creative was designed to be sent right after the date announcement, to give the guests a peek into the events that were to be held during the 2 day celebration, so they could make the necessary arrangements accordingly. I digitally painted bougainvilleas with a reference for this creative.

 (Click on the image below to enter full screen mode to see the images clearly)

A note for Uninvited Guests

Since the wedding was an intimate affair owing to COVID-19, very few people were invited for the wedding. For the uninvited friends and family members, a hamper was

sent out seeking their blessings. I designed a note that went out with it, complete with a digital painting of baby' s breath flowers.

 (Click on the image below to enter full screen mode to see the images clearly)

Wedding Invite

For the main wedding invite, I already had a set color palette, from all the previous creatives that were sent out- yellow and peacock blue from the save the date creative and  pink from the bougainvilleas' creative. I extended the same color palette to make individual event creatives that came together as the main wedding invite, complete with

little illustrations to highlight the events.

 (Click on the image below to enter full screen mode to see the images clearly)


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