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Art Direction | Identity Design | Creative Visualisation




OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Live Team

Raashi Sanghvi

Manish Chandnani

Dharam Saraviya

Design Visualiser

Mihir Lele


I was approached by Only Much Louder (OML) to pitch for the identity design of a conference event that they were putting together, to pitch to the e-learning platform- UpGrad.

The design approach suggested was- Education + Entertainment = Edutainment, one that would set the path to E-Learning with the foundation of POP CULTURE to make learning fun and provide a stepping stone to 'lead'.

My Role

I was asked to pitch for the design and overall visual communication of the show, titled "Further by UpGrad".

Since OML themselves were pitching the event to the client, the design deck was to serve as a treatment exploration for the client to get a sense of the show visuals.

If selected, the design would go on to become the visual identity of the show and I would be its Design Lead.

Design Pitch

I put together the following deck as my pitch for the show's identity design.

(Click on the page below to go to full screen mode)

The internal team at OML unanimously decided to go ahead with the light purple color combination from the

color options presented (Page no. 45 above) 

I then rebranded the deck with the new color combination, that was then sent to upGrad as the agency's design pitch along with the show pitch.

You can see the deck with the new color combination here:

upGrad New Color Design Pitch

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