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All India Bakchod



Shahnawaz Khan


Design and Animation

Mihir Lele


"The Commentaries" is the sequel to AIB's successful outing- Flirty Messaging League. The sequel required to have a new branding and logotype because of the change in name. The format of the show remained the same, along with the music and tone of the video. The new sports style packaging + show related graphics were hence made, keeping in mind the nature of the show.

I designed all key graphic elements for the video like- the news desk design, transitions, astons, player information game cards, video stings and animated bugs.


For the logo, I integrated "commentary" related elements into the type to retain the sporty feel.

(Above) The packaging of the video was done, keeping in mind the nature of the show, ie, a typical sport commentary show that introduces its anchors and seamlessly blends with the tone of the video.

(Above) The design for the news desk. The news desk was shot against a chroma background and was cleaned by me in post.

(Above) The design for the "v/s" slate to introduce the players.

(Above) The players stats before the game.

(Above) Rapid Fire Round packaging and graphics.

(Above) Psych Eye View

(Above) VFX involved was cleaning the name of the TV brand from the TV and placing the video within the TV set.

(Below) The tricky part was when the TV set breaks as there was no green screen. There were only "markers" on the set that was broken which made the cleaning up all the more difficult. Along with the hand being rotoscoped and the tv brand name removed, the markers had to be cleaned manually while keeping the breaking of the tv seamless.

(Below) An animated poll used to compare stats during the match. 

(Below) Some animated bugs used in the video.

Watch the full video here: AIB: The Commentaries

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