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An intro I created for Tanmay Bhat's YouTube videos. The idea was to have the same packaging for all his videos on YouTube. Since he dabbles in multiple types of videos (gaming videos, vlogs, sketches, podcasts, etc) the intro was designed in such a way that the it would end with the genre of that video. So essentially, a vlog would end with the words- "Tanmay Bhat vlogs", a gameplay video would end with the words "Tanmay Bhat gaming" and so on.

So a variable ending with a specific genre would give the audience information about the nature of that video.

Logo Design and Animation

Mihir Lele


Ritviz Srivastava​

To watch the AIB video with this packaging, please click here. 

(Packaging starts at 1:21)

Below- A shorter version of the packaging (3 seconds) to attach to smaller videos/ collateral content on Instagram.

I changed the alignment of the text so as to accomodate the video in a square format for Instagram as well as to limit the distance travelled by the text on screen, since the time duration of the video was limited.

Some logo explorations for the channel ident before we went ahead with the route above.

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