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Direction | Screenplay | Animation | Edit


Tadpatri Talkies


Tadpatri Talkies


Voice Acting

Utsav Chakraborty

Direction, Screenplay,Animation and Edit

Mihir Lele



The idea was to come up with a quickly producible animation style for this property. The entire animation was visualised and produced in 2 days, including lip sync.


Tadvertisements' is an animated mini-sketch series, where the best brands find their worst representation.
The idea is to parody vintage advertisements and TV spots, that brands now regret making. Featuring the most questionable brand ambassadors of the last century.

Epsiode 01 is a spot for a popular Indian pencil brand-Nataraj Pencils, and the worst possible brand ambassador they could hire - a man named Cyril John Radcliffe, who was appointed for drawing the line that separates India and Pakistan.

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