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Logo Design


Indian Storytellers for Flipkart Video

Concept and Visuals Design

Mihir Lele



I was invited to pitch concepts for the logo design of a quiz/chat show called "Super Over" - a cricket based show, hosted by Virender Sehwag and Samir Kochhar, that was to be aired during the same time as the Indian Premier League 2020 on the Flipkart App.


There was no reference or benchmark that needed to be followed for the designs. I was expected to share different visual routes and if selected, I would subsequently design the visual treatment for all the graphics of the show. The timeline to design the pitching ideas was set at 2 working days.

The following were the visual concepts I pitched-

 (click on the image below to enter full screen mode to see the images clearly)

A total of 50+ logos, designed by various designers, were pitched by the production house to the client. Out of these, the client liked one of my concepts for the show's visual identity. The concept was further refined and locked, to be animated for the opening sting of the show. (Style Frame for the final logounit below)

But before I could begin work on the show graphics and animation, the coronavirus lockdown was announced in India and the show was postponed until further notice. Subsequently it got cancelled, since the show was to be aired during the IPL, which too got cancelled.


Another option with a realistic looking cricket ball instead of the gold coin one was designed for the client to take a final decide on.

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