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Rohan Joshi with Amazon Prime Video


OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Stand Up Comedian

Rohan Joshi

Design and Animation

Mihir Lele



Rohan Joshi, the writer and performer of the special, was very clear about his brief for the visual treatment of the special- he wanted it to stand out. Stand out, from amongst the multiple titles on the Amazon prime video page and stand out, in general, from the rest of the comedy specials out there. 

This was achieved by the way we used color combinations and the motif pattern we created for the logotype, for the visual communication of the show.

The Logotype

An existing font was taken and customised. After going through different font options and designs for the logo, this particular one was chosen, since the brief for the visuals was to make them pop, and the use of a bold sans serif that could be read on the smallest of screens, did exactly that. For it's color, instead of committing to a simple one color logo, we decided to go ahead with a bright and quirky color combination, which when used as a pattern, would make the overall image stand out from the rest of the titles on the OTT platform page.


Key Art

Two versions of the key art were designed with two different pictures, both screenshots taken from the show. Amazon decided to go with the second version for all of their online communications with regards to the show. The use of a bold yellow, paired with bright magentas and greens, helped us achieve our goal to make the visual design pop. 

Vertical Poster.jpg
Vertical Poster2.jpg

Promotional Posts

Since the name of the show, Wake N' Bake, is a hat-tip to the use of marijuana, we decided to subtly use certain elements that are associated with smoking pot, such as roach paper, to design some promotional posters for the show.



The trailer slates were designed to have the same treatment as the rest of the marketing collaterals of the show.

End Credits

The end credits were designed as per Rohan's brief, to be clean and minimal. We retained the color scheme and edited the sequence to match with the beat of the background song, leading upto a post credit sequence.

Watch the special on Amazon Prime Video.

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