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Logo Design | Title Animation | Motion Graphics

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Raunaq Rajani- the creator of this YouTube chat show, wherein comedians read questions from the agony aunt column of the newspaper and give unsolicited advice, wanted to get a visual language designed for his show. Since the show was a casual, free-flowing fun chat, his brief for the visuals was to keep them quirky, have a bit of a meme like quality to them, but also maintain a uniform visual aesthetic running through all the graphics elements binding the show together.

Logo Design and Animation

Mihir Lele


Mojo jojo 

To watch the full video with this packaging, please click here. 

(Packaging starts at 00:32)

Some Logo explorations done before finalising and fine tuning the final logotype:

Once one of the exploration routes was selected, we fine tuned it to achieve the final logotype below. The style for all other accompanying graphics (transitions, end screens, etc.) was based on the aesthetics and design language of this selected route.


Once the packaging was designed, we used elements from the packaging to design other collateral elements such as the transitions, end screens, etc. The idea was to treat the visuals like a computer screen, with menu bars, minimising and maximising screens, heart emojis and click sounds since the logo unit allowed us to play around with those elements.

(Below) Another Transition Graphic, that could be used as a show transition OR as the end screen as a "Like, Share Subscribe" CTA, like we used it in the promo above. The transition was designed to make it look like a video maximising on a Mac OS, complete with the genie effect animation typical of a Mac interface pop up.

3 copy.jpg

(Below) The question that the comedians would be addressing was designed to come up on screen like an email pop up notification.

Message popup

(Below) Each episode of the show would feature new guests. So Raunaq wanted to have a small intro package for each of the guests. So after a cold open, the packaging would play followed by the introduction of each of the guests. We decided to keep it in line with aesthetics of the packaging and simple enough for the template to be followed in the later episodes.

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