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Augmented Reality | Motion Design | Art Direction


Godfrey Phillips India


The Propagator Lab


Doozyworks Studios

Art Direction and 2D Motion Graphics

Mihir Lele

3D Assets (CG)

Kshitij Verma

Sandip Gediya


I was approached by Doozyworks Studios to work on the launch video of a new cigarette flavour called "Paan Twist".

Because "Paan" is such an Indian flavour, the client was keen on including Indian elements and artworks (like rickshaws, truck art, paan shops, etc.) that would fit well within the mileu of the intended target audience.

They also wanted to include different art styles in the video like 70's pop synth, pixel art, graffiti, 3d graphics, etc. which would in their own way, enhance the Indian elements mentioned above. 

Furthermore, this video was to play as part of a unique on-ground activation at local paan/ cigarette shops. Using AR (augmented reality), the video would play on one's phone screen as they scanned a poster of this "Paan Twist" ad at local shops.

With this brief in mind, and an approved music piece, we visualised and animated the following video. The timeline for the same was 3 working days.

Paan Twist Film

On-ground activation 

Upon scanning any "Paan Twist" poster placed around the city, the video would play on the device used for scanning.

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