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Set Art Direction | Animation | Motion Graphics





Tanmay Bhat (AIB)


Art Direction

Mihir Lele

Sushant Panda


Online Editor

Mihir Lele



Ola wanted to do a "Dont Drink and Drive" promotional video with AIB around 2016 Christmas. The idea was developed by the writers at AIB to do a song parody of the famous Bollywood song- Badtameez Dil

The song is about how one shouldn't drink and drive because 2017 is going to be an amazing year with everything great in store so it'd be a shame if one drove drunk and died. 

We tried our hand at long single takes. The entire 3 minute song composed of 6 long takes. 

I was assigned the following jobs on the project-


1.Animation- The video has a lot of 2D frame by frame animation, with swirls and little animated elements around the characters, that had to be tracked with the shots. The animation also added to the visual appeal of the video and made the video more lively and fun.


2.Art Direction- To decorate the entire OML Office space, to make it look like an office party. Since the video was shot in long one takes, the art had to be done for the entire space in one go. With lights, cloth decorations and other available party material, we decorated the entire office space to make it look like a party. It was a long process to decorate the entire space and maintain continuity for 3 nights (the time it took to shoot the video.) I also art directed specific props like newspapers with special headlines, bank cheques, etc for the comedic effect in the video.

3. VFX- A line in the song talks about one catching some rare Pokemons. Since "Pokemon Go" was a rage at the time, I was assigned the job to replicate the gameplay and show the man catching pokemon in the video. It included some special effects and motion tracking. Other VFX shots inculded- A brand integration also had to be achieved at the end with the "Ola" brand composited on the car, smoke addition to a shot, etc.

(Above) Pokemon added in post and tracked to match the movement of the shot 

(Above) The "Ola" sticker on the car had to be composited in Post. 

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