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Interactive Motion Design | Gameplay | Layouts


OML Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. for NH7 Weekender 

Art Direction, Visual Identity and Branding

Sajid Wajid Shaikh


Creative Producer

Divya Ramesh

Layouts, Animation, Game play, Edit and

Genre Specific Illustrations

Mihir Lele

Additional Genre Specific Illustrations

Poorva Roid


NH7 Weekender is an annual, multi-city music festival in India. It is created by Only Much Louder (OML) and is one of the largest music festivals in South Asia. The festival is noted for its mix of established and emerging sub-continental artists and international headliners.

I was approached by the marketing team of the festival to design and animate interactive videos to reveal the artist line-up for their 10th year. These videos would feature as Instagram stories on the festival's official page - a feature within the Instagram app where users can view video content in a slideshow format.

Instagram Stories as a Medium for Interactive Content.

The maximum length of an Instagram Story video is 15 second and Instagram allows adding a total of 100 stories in a row. To get from one story to the next, one has to "tap" on their phone screen. The medium gave us an untapped opportunity to create interactive content to reveal the artist lineups for 5 musical genres that the festival has to offer, across 2 cities- Pune and Meghalaya. (The five genres being- Hip Hop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Electronic, World Music and a lineup for stand up comedy in Pune.)


The visual identity of the festival created by the ingenious Sajid Wajid Shaikh provided ample scope to play around with colors, layouts and characters.

After choosing one character that would lead the way, in typical gameplay fashion, the rest of them were used to uplift the backgrounds.

Once the interaction points in the video were decided, a story flow was created which would have the lead character go through different environments and interact with different elements, as names in the lineup of one musical genre kept getting unveiled. Each of the 6 videos have their own set of illustrated elements and visually different environments that highlight the musical genre being showcased in that video.

Each video was later edited at strategic cut points to make the interaction seem natural as the user went "tapping" from one instagram story to the other.

The video was animated using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate.

Project Timelines - 10th of July 2019-14th of August 2019.

Singer- Songwriter Lineup Reveal

World Music Lineup Reveal

Electronic Music Lineup Reveal

Meghalaya Lineup 

For the Meghalaya lineup reveal, the same videos that were created for the Pune genre- specific lineups, were adapted elements specific to Meghalaya included in the background, such as mountains, trees, root-bridges, etc.

The festival was successful in its attempt to create curiosity about the lineup amongst its target audience. The interactive videos got people talking about the way the names were unveiled with the use of Instagram stories in such unique way.

It managed to create a buzz around the festival right on time, as tickets for the festival went live.

To see all the other videos created for the lineup reveal, please visit and have a look at the story highlights.

The project won 2 Golds awards for "Best Digital Integration Social Media Amplification" and "Best Mobile Amplification" at the BW Applause Experiential Marketing Awards 2020.

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