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Direction | Animation | Design


Narrative 4


OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


Kautuk Srivastava

Direction, Visualisation, Layouts,

Animation and Edit

Mihir Lele

Client Servicing

Veena Janaj


Narrative 4 (N4) equips educators and artists to help young people learn and lead with curiosity, deep listening, and imagination. They envision a world where community and civic engagement replace loneliness and isolation. They wanted to outline their key areas of work and method via a 2 minute animated video. The video would be circulated amongst their sales offices across countries, to be used in sales pitches, marketing decks and other areas of interest. 


I brainstormed to visualise the script in the best possible way, in-line with the brand aesthetics, while also keeping it universal, gender neutral and simple.

The circle, which is the logo mark for Narrative 4, became my key visual- one that I decided to harness, to give the film a distinct visual tone. Using the circle to define the ideas and concepts mentioned in the script, it also gave me a chance to utilise the circle in some smart ways and also visually align the film with the brand and its aesthetics.
All of the ideas for the narrative were designed and presented via the storyboard, which after a few tweaks and changes, was locked over 2.5-3 weeks. The film was then designed and animated in 2 weeks, on Adobe Animate and After Effects.


I designed the storyboard to be in line with the brief and the brand guidelines. This was slightly tweaked when the film was animated for timing/ readability and better flow of visuals and of course, feedback from the client wrt colors, etc.

(Click on the storyboard below to go into full screen mode).

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