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Tadpatri Talkies

Sequence Visualiser

Mihir Lele


Mihir Lele


"Tadpatri Talkies" is an upcoming YouTube channel that creates quirky, sometimes absurd comedy content. They approached me for a project that required me to visualize a flashback sequence. The sequence required a series of hand drawn illustrations that took the story forward. 

The fictional story of a "elevator music producer" and how he got into the profession, is narrated through this sequence. The great lyricist "Gulzar" had a pivotal role in the backstory and hence had to be illustrated in the story as well. I had great fun experimenting with the look of this sequence and it was one of the few times I got the chance to do portraits and sequential art.

I gave the illustrations a vintage look, complete with a traditional hand painted treatment.

The illustrations were illustrated on photoshop, digitally colored and then composited on After Effects.

The Final Sequence:

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