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Logo Design | Title Animation | Art Direction


Tanmay Bhat 

Devaiah Bopanna

Identity Design and Animation

Mihir Lele



To design a logo for “Moonshot Media”, an advertising company helmed by Tanmay Bhat and Devaiah Bopanna.
The logo should best encapsulates the nature of the company as well as the thought behind the name of the company.

Moonshot Media represents the long shots and high risks, clutter breaking ideas that the company’s founders are best known for- a “shot to the moon” or “moonshot” if you may.

The following are various explorations for the logo unit that were presented under broad concept routes. The idea was to see what visual works best for the company from amongst all the routes presented.

Logo Explorations- Route 01

A rocket-ship used as a vehicle to reach the moon (Click on the image below to see the deck in full screen mode)

Route 02 

“A shot to the moon” visualised using silhouettes and negative space.

Route 03

A slingshot integrated into the logo-unit to capture the motion described by the word “Shot!”

Route 04

Film/ cinema related elements integrated with the elements that relate to a “Moon” or a “Moonshot"



Finalised Logo Route

The founders felt that a slingshot compliments their creative line of work in the best possible way and best reflects their work. We took this element from Route 3 above and polished it to arrive at the finalised logotype below:

After going through a few color options (above) , the below color palette was finalised for the brand. 


A few pages from the brand guidelines designed for the brand: 

(Click on the image below to see the deck in full screen mode)


(Above) Somes style frames designed for the brand.

An animation created to be used as an opening sting for their brand films.

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