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Art Direction | Digital Painting



Moonshine Meadery, based out of Pune, is India and Asia’s first meadery.

They  make the world’s oldest alcohol by fermenting natural honey with various fruits & spices.

The Competition Brief

The meadery, in collaboration with their design firm Junglegym Studio, put out a call-for-entries for all artists to participate in designing a label for their next flavour- Girlled Pineapple Mead-  made with spiced rum soaked pineapples grilled over coals. Their brief also hinted at them looking for a Caribbean vibe in the design. 

Another important technicality of the brief was to maintain the placement of the circle at the centre of the label, since that is the common design element running across all their labels. Overlapping that was encouraged but one was to be careful to not exceed more than 25 blocks of the grid provided in their illustrator/photoshop file.


My idea was to integrate all the major ingredients mentioned in the brief, into the label. I also wanted to include the "grilled" aspect of the flavour in the label and hence included a grill under the illustrations, with the original moon design of the label being a heat/ light source of the grill.

I digitally painted this on Photoshop, and offered 3 color variations.

Although these didn't make the cut, I had a blast making them! 🍍🌴🏝️

 (Click on the image below to enter full screen mode to see the images clearly)

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