MEMES 2017



A t-shirt design with all the memes that went viral on the internet in 2017. The design was commissioned by the comedy collective All India Bakchod, as part of their merchandise.

The challenge was to aesthetically arrange 35+ memes in one illustration and retain the uniqueness of each meme to make them instantly recognisable. Some extra elements were added with some memes as the memes only made sense with some context.  (For example, the airplane for the Gaikwad and Aditya Narayan and a "censored" board for Pahlaj Nihalani).

The memes were also clubbed together and arranged in such a way that there is some way of interaction between them (Example- Virat Kohli, Ishant Sharma and Deepak Sharma posing with Dhinchak Pooja for a selfie, or, Salman Khan (referred to as bhai) and Shahid Alvi make a small unit with the "bhai! bhai!" tag and have the irrfan khan/drake meme interracting with them.)