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Lollapalooza India 2024- Lineup Video
Direction | Animation |


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The Granfalloon 

Festival Design

Aaquib Wani and team


Rigved Siriah

Eeshita Chinmulgund


Direction and Animation

Mihir Lele


Addiitonal 2D Animation

Hrishikesh Deshpande

Music and SFX

Hrishi Giridhar

BMS Live Team 

Anuj Gupta

Sidharth Raveendran


I was approached by The Granfalloon to direct and animate the Lollapalooza India's lineup reveal video for 2024.

The brief was to design a fun, interesting lineup video with innovative ways to reveal the lineup. The festival identity is designed to be quite organic and hand-drawn in nature, with bold shadows on text and small quirky elements that give Lolla a fun vibe overall. The video too, in its treatment, had to reflect the festival identity and so, we designed the video in adherence to the design guidelines setup by the team at Aaquib Wani Design, and at the same time, adding 2D elements of our own that complimented the guidelines.

(Below)  Some screengrabs of layouts created for the video that we are personally very happy with

(Click on the page below to go to full screen mode))

The cherry on the cake for this particular project was that Aaquib Wani, the festival's design director was sweet enough to text us about how much he loved the video. 

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