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Logo Design | Friendship

A collection of logos and designs undertaken for friends and colleagues.

 (Click on the image below to enter full screen mode to see the images clearly)


Kombucha tea is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly consumed for its supposed health benefits. "Kombuchai", kombucha+ chai (tea) is a home business venture that a friend of mine started for which I had the opportunity to design the logo for. The following are some logo options I explored-

We finally decided to go ahead with this logo, after doing some mix and match from the above explorations:

The PoCriCi Podcast

A quick branding for a podcast that is named after the three topics the hosts disucss in every episode- politics, cricket and cinema, hence the name- PoCriCi (which is also a wordplay on the word "Hypocricy")

They wanted a branding that made the nature of their podcast clear to the audience. These creatives also served as marketing for the announcement of their podcast. Here is a link to the first episode on Spotify

Roll Camera Films

A logo design undertaken for a production house in Mumbai. Their only brief was to use the shades of pink and black.

Monali Lele

Some visiting cards options for a tarot reader and spiritual guide whose brief to me was that the card should compliment her feeling of wanting to reduce the burden off her clients. That her clients should feel happy post their sessions with her. She also did not want to use traditional tarot iconography/ elements as they misguide the client into believing that what she does sometimes borders around black magic, etc. So we decided to keep the overall vibe of the card happy and positive. She went ahead with the 1st option finally.

Delivering Smiles 

Logo options for a hypothetical food delivery brand called "Delivering Smiles".

Option 2 from the above designs featured in a video, as part of the video's storyline.

You can watch the video here:

AIB writers room

'Everything that goes on in the Writers Room, doesn't stay in the Writers Room'. A Logo deisgn for All India Bakchod's (AIB) new property.

Stupidus Maximus 2.0

Visual identity for @ashish_shakya 's much awaited weekly humour columns.
We went with an 80s synth pop vibe for the overall aesthetics of the design elements.

Along with the logo and teaser promo, we also designed a carousel for all the FAQ's regarding the blog (below).

Also tried my hand at sound design and mixing, along with the animation for the teaser promo (below).

The Honest Page

A Facebook page with a cynical and brutally honest approach towards everything trending on social media. The working idea was to keep it youthful and subtly denote that this page is going to 'undress' some false realities. 


Keeping in mind the product range of this newly launched beauty brand, the idea was to keep it fresh and fruity as well as self-explanatory.

The brief was to make the brand  and the collateral graphics convey the earthy, raw, natural and fruity nature of the product line.

A show about Crypto

Rohan Joshi approached me for the identity design of a new crypto based podcast he was hosting in association with IVM podcasts. The brief was to keep the design in line with the vibe of the show- simple and fun and of course, about cryptocurrency and podcasts.

Logo Explorations

The last route was selected by the client without any changes.

(Click on the image below to see the deck in full screen mode)

The final cleaned up version along with the post formats:

Happy Potter's Project

A logo design undertaken for a friend's hand painted pottery venture. She wanted a simple logo design in the  form of a "hand-drawn stamp" coupled with illustrations that would work well with the nature and spirit of the  brand. Primary usage was for Instagram posts, stickers, labels and other such printable assets. Logo explorations along with the finalised version, below:

Rima + Yashovardhan Engagement Invite

An engagement invite for my friend's engagement. The logo incorporates the "advocate band" since

they are both lawyers.

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