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Title Design and Animation


Netflix OTT


Banijay Asia

BeingU Studios

Creative Director

Gursimran Khamba

Design and Animation

Mihir Lele

Post Producer

Fardad Kerawala


Gursimran Khamba, the creative director and script supervisor on the show, approached me to design a titles for Kapil Sharma’s stand-up special, arguably one of India's biggest comedy special. The logo and treatment was to be in tune with a clean and classy art-deco looking vibe of the set.

Logotype Explorations

After brainstorming on a number of concepts for the packaging and different treatment ideas for the same, three rough routes were presented to see which one would visually capture the theme of the show better and fit more organically in the show universe . 

The Logotype

The last option from the above explorations was shortlisted, to be refined further.

A couple of more explorations later, wherein we tried out some colors, fonts and background textures, the final logo for the show was locked. This was done to get the logo slate treatment to compliment set design and overall vibe of the show.

(Click on the arrow keys below the see the set pictures)

Title Animation

The title animation was done keeping in mind the name of the show- "Im not done yet". The set design has a particular element that explains the context of this show name that we decided to incorporate in the title animation. 

The LED backdrop on stage features a variety of architectural structures, symbolic of different cities- from the Red fort in Delhi, to the Gateway of India in Mumbai to other famous symbols like the Big Ben (London), Eiffel Tower (Paris) and the Statue of Liberty (New York), denoting Kapil Sharma's journey and the range of work. Inspite of his achievements, his foray into the world of OTT with this stand-up special is what the title of the show intends to highlight.

Hence, we decided to work this into the title animation with the title of the show.

End Credit Scroll

The end credits of the show were designed in the same treatment as the opening title animation. 

You can watch the stand-up special on Netflix.

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