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Pitch for


Conceptualisation and Animation

Mihir Lele

Brief is a lifestyle phone app that gives one access to curated events, movie tickets, shows and products. They also run shows and quizzes that can be accessed through their phone app.

I was approached to make short opening sequences for a couple of shows that Insider runs on its phone app. 

The brief was to keep the packaging short and in tune with the context of the quiz shows.

insider page.jpg

(Above) Screenshot from the insider app with the show details.

Since the opening sequences were made for a phone based app, the dimensions of the sequence were tailored to fit a phone screen.

Music Courtesy

TosoTv (YouTube)

Ncm Free Music (YouTube)

Show 1- This Week In Movies with Rohan Joshi

Hosted by comedian Rohan Joshi, 'This week in Movies' is a weekly film based quiz that puts the contestant's movie related knowledge to test . I kept the packaging fairly straight forward and played around with posters and other film elements. The promotional strategy of the show involves purposefully misspelling Rohan Joshi's name each week, which too, were incorporated in the packaging.

Show 2- Beyond The Wall

Hosted by Rohan Joshi, this show is a weekly Game of thrones post episode panel discussion wherein the host and his guests take the audience members throught  theories, hidden messages and easter eggs from the final season of Game of thrones (GoT), after that nights episode has aired. The show contains heavy spoilers, a disclaimer that I decided to include in the packaging, along with some character illustrations from the show.

I also had some fun with an HBO style logo formation for the Insider logo, as the iconic HBO sound design is reminiscent of the beginning of an episode of GoT.

Some promotional posts I made for the show, using character illustrations that I made for the packaging.

(Note- This is a personal project and only a pitch for what couldve been a commerical one. Music and character IP copyrights belong to author and I own no part of it.)

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