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Logotype Design | Poster Design | Motion Graphics


Amazon Prime Video


OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


Debbie Rao


Naveen Richard, Sumukhi Suresh

Design and Animation

Mihir Lele



'Go Straight Take Left' was a project with a relatively tighter deadline than the rest of the comedy specials. The entire online/ branding work for it had to be carried out in a week and a half.

The show comprises of 6 sketches ,wherein the actors perform as different characters in a different scenario for each one. Since this is one of the first times such a show is being presented to an Indian audience, the nature of the show had to be included in the marketing collaterals (posters, trailers, etc.)

The brief was to keep the treatment quirky, stark and to bring out the nature of the "sketch comedy" show, by using elements to represent each sketch through its poster and opening sequence.

The Logotype

The logo was designed to visually represent the directions being mentioned in the name. The dual color theme that was applied across all design deliverables, worked well for the logo as well.  The quirky, fun font, that was customised for the logotype, coupled with the dual colors theme, worked well to give the show a definite tone.

1.End Slate.jpg

Key Art

Along with the images of the two artists, I was asked to include one element from each of the 6 sketch setups, performed in the show. These 'icons' for each sketch, made their way into the opening packaging as well.

The pink and yellow- chequered- tiled theme was kept uniform across all design deliverables to keep the overall design language homogenous.

Logotype Options

Some other logo options that were explored for the title.

(Hover over the logo to enable the arrow keys)

2.Vertical Poster Date.jpg


For the Boxart (the thumbnail that appears in Amazon Prime Video's library) we decided to do a variation of the poster, that would be stark and eye catching, so as to attract the audience from amongst the sea of other thumbnails in the library. 


(The spacing between the boxes that form the grid on the thumbnail was intentionally kept more than the grid on the poster since the thumbnail appears as a smaller unit in the Prime Video Library. Hence, as a smaller thumbnail unit, that grid would optically look similar to the grid on the poster.

The poster would be released as a full page collateral on social media so the grid would look as designed.

3.Vertical Boxart.jpg

Show Packaging

As India's 'First Sketch Comedy Show', the show's format is still new to Indian audiences. Hence, the opening packaging had to be designed in a way that in the first 15 seconds, it would give a sneak peak into what the show is about and what the audience should expect from the show. The aim was to catch their attention in a short span of time, by showcasing all the different sketch setups.

Sketch Opening Stings

The show comprises of 6 comedy scenes (sketches) that are very different from each other, by way of their themes and ideas. So to bind the show into a uniform package, the name of each sketch in the show is introduced through a small animated opening sting. These stings also work as transitions between all sketches.

The focus of the animation was to catch each beat of the music to get individual elements into frame, that form the final icon that represents the nature of that sketch.

The first sketch, called "Stan", a sketch about a water cooler conversation between two office employees, was tailored to transition from the opening packaging into the stage act.

2. The Tennis Sketch

The sketch titled "Love All" is a small scene showcasing a match of tennis between two whimsical players.

3. The Jail Sketch

The sketch follows a conversation between two siblings, one of whom is serving time.

4. The Surprise Sketch- "Sunil's Surprise"

The sketch follows a conversation between two people as they hide behind a sofa, waiting to surpirse their friend, on the ocassion of his birthday.

5. The Mosquito Sketch

A hilarious sketch about a man and his flying-buzzing nemesis.

6. The Ventriloquism Sketch- "Ventrakalism"

The sketch follows the theatrics of a ventriloquist and his puppet. The misspelt name of the sketch is a reference to the ventriloquist's habit of mispronouncing words owing to his broken English.


The official trailer for the show required some well timed animation to go with its theme.

Watch the special on Amazon Prime Video.

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