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AIB Vigyapanti 

Art Direction

Mihir Lele


Graffiti Artists

Mihir Lele

Sachin Rane and Team



Truly Madly's "Watchboyz" is a music video to promote the dating app. Directed by Devanshu Singh and commissioned by AIB's brand wing- AIB Vigyapanti, the video is about  a boy- band comprising of four watchmen, dishing out some advice to the society about respecting a woman's decision to do what she pleases, as she pleases.

The video required a big section of the song's chorus to be filmed in front of a grungy metal background with the band-name written in bright bold graffiti design. 



Being the assistant director on this music video, I was given the responsibility to also art direct this graffiti piece. The brief was to make it bright, bold and colorful. Also, since the song sends out a message of freedom of choice and expression for the women in our society, I was asked to include small lines and slogans to promote the message. Like- no name calling, no judging, etc.  

I used a few elements borrowed from the a typical building watchman's physical attire. A rap portion by the building maid (Kamla Bai) was also a part of the song. As per the director's brief, that too was included in the graffiti design.

I designed the graffiti and directed a troop of artists to follow the design and colors. This was the first time I art directed a graffiti. on such a large scale. 

I was given a total of 6 hours to finish the graffiti with 3 other artists. Also, given the nature of the music video that was delivered finally, with a lot of 2D animation overlaid on the video, the graffiti lent itself beautifully to the overall treatment of the video.

Eventually, this graffiti also became the logotype of the music video.

Watch the full video here: AIB Watchboyz

(I was also incharge of the animation and motion graphics for the video)