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Motion Design | Animation | Visualisation

(Use headphones for a better viewing experience)


FlashMonk Pvt. Ltd.


650ML Studios

Creative Director

Mihir Lele

Visualisation, Layouts, Animation and Edit

Mihir Lele


Bare Bones Collective


Mehar Chumble


Flash, a first of its kind "shopping" app, aims to enhance the experience of the power shoppers globally. By creating a digital identity in the form of an 'email id', the app aims to solve the untapped challenges of power shoppers, across post-order experience, lack of rewards, and cluttered communication. 

The brand wanted to put out a fun, fast- paced video, with tongue-in-cheek humour, explaining the various features of the app, as their first digital video release.

The video was designed to be quirky and attractive to a younger audience, in line with their beautiful brand aesthetics.


The animation was visualised basis a script written by Bare Bones Collective, outlining the key features they wanted to highlight.


Once the overall aesthetics and narrative flow was visualised and locked via this storyboard, the film was animated. The visuals were slightly tweaked when the film once fully animated, for timing/ readability and better flow of visuals and of course, feedback from the client wrt use of UI screens, some emoji's, etc,

(Click on the storyboard below to go into full screen mode).

Shorter Edits

Shorter edits of the main film were designed to be run as skippable (30 seconds) and non-skippable  (20 seconds) Youtube Ads. While stitching- up the shorter edits,

we made sure that the edits do not look like a cut-paste job of the main film, and that these edits looked like complete films by themselves. This was done by-

1.Syncing the animation to the beats of the shorter duration of music tracks to keep the upbeat and lively nature of the films intact.

2. Editing the transitions in a way that they move from one feature of the app- which is one section of the film- to the other, seamlessly, like they do in the main film.

(Use headphones for a better viewing experience)

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