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Art Direction | Prop Design


All India Bakchod (AIB)



Mihir Lele

Manaswi Mohata


Art Direction

Mihir Lele

Manaswi Mohata


"Pen" Prop Design

Mihir Lele



Naveed M


Copy for Captions

Manaswi Mohata


First Draft is a writers’ residency programme where AIB selects 8 writers from across the country to come stay in Mumbai for 6 months, attend lectures, interact with top industry professionals, learn the skills of script-writing – and by the end, develop their own first draft of a movie or a web series. 

AIB wanted to build a website with all the information regarding the programme and send it out to all aspiring writers, and answer every possible question they might have about the programme.

For this website, they required some visuals.


Concept for the visuals

We tried to tell a story through the series of images- Since the aspiring applicant was going to hear about the course for the first time through the website, the website had to have a self-explanatory sequence of visual and copy.

We wanted to showcase the applicants journey through sequential visuals ; their initial doubts, reservations about the programme when they first stumble upon the website, to finally applying for the residency when they realize how full-proof the programme is.

The burst of colours and overall playfulness exhibits the adventure and excitement that lie ahead on the path of story-telling. 



Since the website was a parallax website, the pictures were supposed to be visual breaks between the different sections of the website, and each picture had to be a peek into the next section of the website.

Each picture was accompanied with a caption, giving a brief insight into next section of the website. 

“I’m a storyteller.”
We’re listening.

(Above) Caption and Image for the "About" section of the Website

“And leave everything I have?”
Only for everything you ever wanted.

(Above) Caption and Image for the "Programme" section of the website

“What if I have doubts?”
Well, then let’s look for answers.

(Above) Caption and Image for the "FAQ's" section of the website

“But can writing be taught?”
Only if you’re willing to learn.

(Above) Caption and Image for the "Meet Your Mentor" section of the website

“But I’m just one in a million.”
And you could be one in a million.

(Above) Caption and Image for the "Apply" section of the website

“So Mumbai, just like that?”
Yep. Just like that.

(Above) Caption and Image for the "Contact Us" section of the website

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