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Motion Design | Animation | Visualisation


Fi Money


Eo2 Exp.

Creative Directors 

Risheeta Agrawal

Devang Singh Thukral

Visualisation, Layouts, Animation and Edit

Mihir Lele

Additonal Animation

Owlstand Designs


"Fi" is a new online banking platform that is re-imagining the banking experience in India. With a varied range of features and innovations, the app is widely suited for a younger, tech- savy generation.

The brand wanted to put out a fun, fast- paced video, with tongue-in-cheek humour, explaining the various features of the app.

The video was designed to be quirky and attractive to a younger audience, but in line with the brand guidelines. The animation was visualised basis a script provided by the brand, outlining the key features they wanted to highlight.

All of the animation ideas, transitions, edit and layouts were then designed by me to best visualise this 30 seconder script.

This 30 second edit was later picked by the client, and a slower, 40 second edit was made, with a few additional animations by "Owlstand Designs"- while still maintaining the animation from the original video, with a few tweaks. You can watch it here.


I designed the storyboard to be in line with the brief and the brand guidelines. This was slightly tweaked when the film was animated for timing/ readability and better flow of visuals and of course, feedback from the client wrt end screen colors, etc.

(Click on the storyboard below to go into full screen mode).

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