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VFX | Motion Graphics| Design

TCS Research - Reducing Food Wastage with Digital Twin Technology

Written by Deepak Gopalakrishnan, Divya Ramesh

My Role- Visualisation, Animation and Edit

TCS Research’s novel digital twin technology platform helps solve the problem by estimating freshness of fruits and vegetables in real-time. The infographic was commissioned by the TCSR Marketing team, with the intention to give a general sense of the technology to the public and also make it appealing to potential investors for further their research.

United by Hope- One Plus Documentary about COVID

Produced by VICE India

My Role- Online Edit and Motion Graphics

I had the opportunity to work as a visualiser and producer for the motion graphics and animation in this documentary, capturing the stories of 12 different people from diverse backgrounds during the pandemic.

Asian Paints x St.Art India : Project Sparsh

Written and Directed by by Mandar Parelkar

My Role- Online Edit and Motion Graphics

An initiative by St+Art India Foundation supported by Asian Paints, Project "Sparsh" is India's first tactile Art Museum at Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh School, Jaipur. With tactile murals created using textured paints, project 'Sparsh' (meaning touch) brings access to art for visually impaired students, blending culture and creativity.

For the design of the title (and its collaterals such as the name astons, location aston, etc.) we decided to use the braille script, that becomes readable to the audience, when it coverts to English, in the same way that the words become "readable" to the blind, when their hands go over the braille script.

Apart from the title design and name+ location astons for the film, another key sequence we worked on was the last shot of the film, where the braille script on the wall gets highlighted and converts into English, word by word, as the camera tracks out, to reveal the full mural, with a Helen Keller quote that encompasses the thought of the mural and by extension, the film.

Narrative 4- Explainer Film

Directed by Mihir Lele | Written by Kautuk Srivastava

My Role- Direction, Visualisation, Animation and Edit

Narrative 4 (N4) equips educators and artists to help young people learn and lead with curiosity, deep listening, and imagination. They envision a world where community and civic engagement replace loneliness and isolation. They wanted to outline their key areas of work and method via this quick 2 minute video. 

AIB Iphone 7 Video Parody 

Written by Hitesh Pardeshi | Additional Writing Puneet Chadha, Utsav Chakraborty

My Role- Animation and Motion Graphics

Soon after Apple released their "Dont blink" video (click here to watch the original video), AIB decided to release a parody version of the same, poking fun at the content of the video. The parody video was released a day after the actual video went live and garnered around 1 million hits in a day. The challenge was to replicate the phenomenal motion graphics from the actual video and present the parody in a way that it looks exactly like the original. The title of the video 'Tatti Pods' literally translates to 'Shit Pods'

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