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VFX | Motion Graphics| Design

TCS Research - Reducing Food Wastage with Digital Twin Technology

Written by Deepak Gopalakrishnan, Divya Ramesh

My Role- Visualisation, Animation and Edit

TCS Research’s novel digital twin technology platform helps solve the problem by estimating freshness of fruits and vegetables in real-time. The infographic was commissioned by the TCSR Marketing team, with the intention to give a general sense of the technology to the public and also make it appealing to potential investors for further their research.

United by Hope- One Plus Documentary about COVID

Produced by VICE India

My Role- Online Edit and Motion Graphics

I had the opportunity to work as a visualiser and producer for the motion graphics and animation in this documentary, capturing the stories of 12 different people from diverse backgrounds during the pandemic.

AIB Iphone 7 Video Parody 

Written by Hitesh Pardeshi | Additional Writing Puneet Chadha, Utsav Chakraborty

My Role- Animation and Motion Graphics

Soon after Apple released their "Dont blink" video (click here to watch the original video), AIB decided to release a parody version of the same, poking fun at the content of the video. The parody video was released a day after the actual video went live and garnered around 1 million hits in a day. The challenge was to replicate the phenomenal motion graphics from the actual video and present the parody in a way that it looks exactly like the original. The title of the video 'Tatti Pods' literally translates to 'Shit Pods'

Narrative 4- Explainer Film

Written by Kautuk Srivastava

My Role- Direction,Visualisation, Animation and Edit

Narrative 4 (N4) equips educators and artists to help young people learn and lead with curiosity, deep listening, and imagination. They envision a world where community and civic engagement replace loneliness and isolation. They wanted to outline their key areas of work and method via this quick 2 minute video. 

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