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Logo Adaptation | Product Window


Early Man Film for CRED


Ayappa KM​


Karan Malhotra


The campaign ‘CRED: Not Everyone Gets It’ - features six ad films that feature Bollywood celebrities from the 90s who are auditioning to be featured in CRED’s ads. 

For their sixth and final ad film featuring 90s superstar Govinda, the director approached me to explore a colorful, bollywood-from-the-90s aesthetic that would remind the viewer of Govinda films (think Hero No.1, Raja Babu, etc.) for the end screen of the film. It had to match the Govinda's vibrant personality and hence, we explored everything from rainbow type to dancing letters.

Some logo explorations:

We tried out some animated stings to arrive at the one that finally featured at the end of the ad film.

This was the first option:

Option No.2

For this option we used some VHS textures, reminiscent of the 90s, to give the end screen a dated look.

Option No.2 (Shorter Version)

Option No.3

The one that got selected as it adhered most with CRED's brand guidelines 

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