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Animated Packaging | Motion Graphics 


Amazon Prime Video


OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Stand Up Comedian

Sahil Shah


Siddharth Vasani

Poster Photograph

Siddharth Vasani

Logo Design

Akshit VS

Design and Animation

Mihir Lele



The branding for 'Childish Behaviour', the stand up special by comedian Sahil Shah, was designed to keep in tune with the name and content of the show. From the sock puppet pre-film leading upto the show, to the logo, poster and the stage production- everything was designed to have an energetic, vibrant and colorful look- something that attracts children. It also set the stage for the content of the show- wherein the comedian speaks at length about how he is a highly immature person and gives highly comical anecdotes of his "childish behaviour".

The Logotype Animation

The logotype was loaded with fun little icons and elements which provided ample scope to play around with for the logo formation. I decided to keep the formation as fun and energetic as the rest of the show and its collaterals.



The packaging was planned in a way that it would seamlessly transition into the live show from the pre film. Since the stage was rich with elements inspired by a garden/ playground- I decided to utilise these elements in the packaging. Exact replicas of the elements on stage were created in post and placed at the exact spot where they could seamlessly transition into the live show stage. An animated character was also designed and animated to match the movements of the comedian entering stage, that added an element of surprise when the transition happened. 

Key Art

Siddharth Vasani, director of the show, clicked this image that was then tweaked and photoshopped to best bring out the nature of the show.

Pre Film Online

The entire pre film leading upto the show was a creatively executed sock puppet sequence that ultimately transitions into the show. The video required some stylised VFX and animation sequences for comedic effect and greater impact. 

Watch the special on Amazon Prime Video.

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