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Screenplay | Animation | Motion Graphics


Breezer Vivid

Production House

OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


Visualization and Animation

Mihir Lele



Utsav Chakroborty


The brief was to use a combination of mortal kombat inspired arcade game visuals with bobble heads for the game avatars of Abish Mathew and Kenny Sebastian. The treatment and animation of the overall video had to look like the video game from that era. The grain and noise filters and textures along will pixelated graphics were hence added to give it an authentic retro look. The colors were in tune with the brand messaging to make the video a part of the Breezer marketing family.

(Below) A side by side comparison of the original game graphics to the promo video that was inspired by it. Some creative liberty was taken to include brand colors, motion and target messaging.

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