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Character Animation | Online Edit | Wall Art Design


Bacardi India Pvt. Ltd.

Only Much Louder



Reema Sengupta (CATNIP)


Sid Vashi



Bunny Design

Priyanka Paul

Bunny Animation and Compositing

Mihir Lele


The client wanted a 10 second animated opening for a music video. The shot required me to animate a bunny singing the lyrics of the song while 'grooving' to the music. The bunny was pre designed (credits: Priyanka Paul). Once the animation was complete. I also cleaned the chroma in the shots that required the clean up.

Stage 01

The lip sync of the entire rap bit in the beginning was animated.

Stage 02

The first ear of the bunny was animated to match the head movement. 

Stage 03

A part of the animation was selected for the final edit and the second ear was animated for just that part.

Stage 04

Minimal body movement was added, as per the brief.

Stage 05

The full animation along with the animation of just the bunny heads was composited on

a chroma cleaned shot and added to the final video.

Watch the full video here:

Wall Art Design

I was also incharge of the design for one of the wall art design seen in the video. The brief was to include as many human bodies with animal heads in hip hop style  poses, and other graffiti themed elements. 

(Below) Reference for the wall (behind the dancer) that required the design.

Image Credit: Culture Machine

(Below) The painted wall behind the artist as it appeared in the video.

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