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Identity Design | Logo | Branding


Sahil Shah


Concept and Visuals Design

Mihir Lele



The newly launched wedding /event photography company “The Bombay Picture Company” wishes to place itself in the premium wedding photography market and are looking to get noticed by a younger generation of couples, who are not only the front runners in planning the events, but also the ones calling the shots as to which vendors align best with their aesthetics.


The company, hence, requires a fresh, premium looking logo that will-

  1. stand the test of time

  2. align with the taste of a younger premium target audience and

  3. look visually appealing in its primary area of usage- Instagram, and as a bug at the corner photos and videos.

Initial Thoughts


The design brief and the name of the company are two major pointers that present

immense scope for multiple visual explorations and routes to brand the company.

The name “The Bombay Picture Company” has an old school vibe attached to it,

reminiscent of Vintage Bombay and early photo/art studios from the lanes of Girgaum. So one thought is to explore the vintage route. 

At the same time, since the logo is appealing to a younger crowd, it must have a quirk and/or a freshness to it, that will denote the exact nature of the company and convey an additional thought, if possible, without making it too old school and dated.

Additionally, the logo would need to be evergreen in that sense, since it is to stay relevant across multiple wedding seasons, attracting customers year after year.

With these thoughts in the forefront, a couple of routes have been explored in the following slides-

Design exploration- 01 

Ideas exploring an “Old bombay/ old world charm” that will place

the company in a definitive concept branding- one that can have

many additional collateral branding ideas. 

(Click on the image below to go into full screen mode)

Design exploration- 02 - Highlighting Film and film-shoots

Ideas exploring elements associated with film shooting, film recording and in-turn

highlighting the “Picture” part of “Bombay Picture Company”.

This makes sense on two levels-

  1. we’re highlighting the exact job description of the company (shoots and films)

  2. Bombay is known for its film industry.

(Click on the image below to go into full screen mode)

Design exploration- 03 - Traditional Typography with a hint of Art Deco.

Exploring elegant, classic typography that reflects the ‘wedding photography’ aspect of the company and adheres to that design sensibility. Some options also explore a classic Art Deco aesthetic that Bombay heavily reflects- thus, highlighting the nature of the company and the “Bombay” in its name.


(Click on the image below to go into full screen mode)

Design exploration- 04

Exploring new-age, fun yet classy logo identities that reflect the nature of the 

company and also offer a distinct identity to the company that can the TG in mind.

(Click on the image below to go into full screen mode)


The idea was to look at the different treatment explorations for the logo unit, typeface, etc. and narrow in on the visual style and treatment that fits best.

The explorations were to gauge what is working for the client and the brand and simply discard the rest.

Design Explorations

Selected Logo Unit

Of the above explorations, route no 3.2 was selected by the client and taken forward to refine.

The final logo unit, was picked by the client for two reasons- 

1. The logo had an evergreen elegance to it that a wedding related company should exude- something that would always stay in fashion.

2. Upon user testing, the client finalised this logo, that attracted a younger premium audience who are the core TG of the company.

Some Pages from the Finalised Usage Guidelines-

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