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VFX | Motion Graphics


One Plus



Tanmay Bhat (AIB)



Mamlesh Tiwari

Shashwata Datta


Design and Animation

Mihir Lele



"If apps were people" is a comedy sketch by All India Bakchod, which follows the conversation between a girl and the apps on her phone. The scope of work for me in such a video was immense. Apart from the phone shots that required tracking and chroma cleaning, there was a video sting and the introduction of each character through logos. There were a number of places in the video that required me to work on some visual treatment and effects. 

(Above) The packaging of the video was done keeping in mind the neon signage treatment for the logos of the apps, that was used across the video, to introduce all the characters.

(Below) The logos of all the apps were motion tracked around the character, when introducing him/her. The neon signage look for the logos was uniformly followed for each character and went well with the packaging sting as well. ( Please refer to the YouTube Video to have a look at the motion tracking).

The video also required me to make certain stylisations according to the need to of the characters in the video. For example, in the video, the character of facebook hypnotises other apps into accepting her command that they too,  make "stories" like Snapchat. 

Another part of the video showed an encrypted conversation in whatsapp. For that, a treatment was created to make the conversation seem glitchy and "unreadable" for the other apps.

Apart from this, there was the regular green screen removal and phone tracking. 

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