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Logo Design | Title Animation | Art Direction


Divya Spandana

Identity Design and Animation

Mihir Lele


Mehar Chumble



I was approached by former Indian actress and politician, Divya Spandana, the founder of the company, to design a logo unit for her film production company “AppleBox Studios” in a way that the unit best compliments the name of the company.

Since an applebox is an essential production item on a film set and has a unique look to it, the aim is to also highlight the word “Applebox” visually and in some explorations, even its usage.

Logo Explorations- Route 01

Title Integration into the form of an "Applebox" (Click on the image below to see the deck in full screen mode)

Route 02 

“Applebox” related elements integration into the word “Applebox”

Route 03

Film shoot related elements integrated with “Applebox”

Route 04

Miscellaneous Ideas/ Interesting Font Options


(Scroll "Next" to see the options against the black backgrounds)

Finalised Logo Route

Linkedin Twitter- 400x400.jpg

(Above) Kannada Adapt of the logo

Title Animation

For the title animation of the logo, the client had a very specific brief- They wanted a a young girl walking into frame, and climbing onto the applebox from the logo, and doing something "film related". 

With this brief in mind, I tweaked the idea a bit, and presented the following storyboard- 

(Click on the image below to see the deck in full screen mode)

Character Design

For the character of the girl in the animation, I wanted to design a simple character with big eyes for the purpose of the story above. The following options were presented (some "Indian looking" options were  requested by the client.


The fourth girl (the one with the polka dots) from the above presented options was selected by the client, with a small tweak of adding the hearts from the fifth girl to the design, instead of the polka dots. With the girl's character design and the storyboard in place, I began animating the 20 second title you see below. Timeline for the animation production and compositing was 3 days and total timeline for the project from conceptualisation of routes to execution, to the animation was 10 days.

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