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Logotype | Poster Design | Motion Graphics | Illustrations


Amazon Prime Video


OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Stand Up Comedian

Rahul Subramanian

Design and Animation

Mihir Lele



Like most stand up specials, Rahul Subramanian's Amazon Prime special 'Kal Main Udega' (roughly translated it means- Tomorrow I shall fly!) is named after the final joke of his routine. The joke is setup with a reference to the Stone Ages.

The brief for the design of the show was for it to reflect a relation to the Stone ages and early men. The logo, show packaging, posters and end credits for the show were therefore designed accordingly.


The Logotype

An existing font was taken and customised to fit the theme of the show. After going through different font options and designs for the logo, this particular one was chosen as it embodied the nature of the show well, it was easy to read on a tiny thumbnail (on the Amazon prime video library) and also incorporated the "Stone Age" theme as per the brief.

Show Packaging

The animated logo formation used in the special.  

The Key Art

Version 01: The poster demonstrates different joke setups/ core thoughts from the comedy special using illustrated cavemen. 

Poster Design

Version 02: An all illustrated poster demonstrating the final joke of the artist's routine. The poster above is the version that became the key art for the special. The one below was used solely for online promotions.

End Credits

The end credits of the comedy special feature illustrated cavemen (like the ones that appear in version 01 of the poster) engaged in different activities. All these activities are call backs to different jokes from Rahul's stand up routine, presented in the form of cave paintings to adhere to the overall theme of the special.

(Below) The 'cave painting' themed illustrations encapsulate the different jokes from the stand up routine and serve as a unique call back at the end of the show.

Watch the special on Amazon Prime Video.

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