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Motion Graphics | UI | Branding | VFX





Tanmay Bhat (AIB)



Shashwata Datta


Online Editor

Mihir Lele



As part of their series 'Apps That Should Exist', AIB created a sketch around "Févént", a fake app that organizes bespoke fake occasions, just for you. So, one can flaunt their underused expensive outfits more often.I was in charge of visualising the entire app- from the logo to the UI design and its promotional sting in the video. 

(Above) Févént was designed keeping in mind its french and classy inspiration. It had to be a parody of such app introduction videos, complete with the voiceover, but had to ape the style and sensibility of a classy app at the same time, for it to seem like a real app.

(Above) Févént allows one to scan their clothes and finds ocassions suitable for them to wear the scanned clothes at. This portion of the sketch required me to clean the chroma on the mobile screens and make a functional UI of the app for the audience to understand the working of the app.

(Above) The sketch also showcases a hilarious bit where one has to manually skip pop up ads that show up in a free app. The introductory video involves a section that invites people to buy the "pro" version of the app to skip the pop up ads. All the ads that pop up were designed and tracked on the board that was held. 

(Above) The logo, colors and the UX of the app was designed by me, keeping in mind the app being a rich, luxury app.

(Above) The chroma was cleaned and the graphics were tracked to match the movement of the phones on all the tracks below.

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