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Campaign Design | Show Design

AIB DIWAS was AIB's first comedy outing, a year after the roast. They wanted to promote the event as a new national holiday, with four comedy shows lined up for the day. The performance roster had all the big names from the Indian comedy scene, spearheaded by AIB, this event was truly going to be unlike any other. 

I was given the responsibility to design the theme for the event. It ranged from the poster series, involving each of the individual show posters to the show graphics that were fired live during the event, to the event signage and promotions.

The posters designs made way for the event's design language in general. The propaganda themed "orange rays" went well with the theme of the event. The design hence, complimented the name of the event- AIB DIWAS, since the rays symbolised "day" (Diwas). 


The collaterals of the event also followed the same theme, including the show graphics, that were fired live during the event, the promotional signage at the event as well as the event goodies that were distributed amongst the audience members present at the event.

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